With a background as a entrepreneur and over 25 years of building businesses, Ross Kessler brings both his passion and his expertise to the popcorn and lemonade industry, as he did with his other businesses. He believes in making any business he's involved with the best....


Ross and his wife Dina both have the summers off and enjoy going to art fairs, festivals and farmers' markets. About five years ago, at one of these events Ross was disappointed to find that the food and drinks were all pre-made mixes and all had the same low carnival like quality. Ross then set out to create a new concept for lemonade and kettlecorn; it's got to be the best you"ll ever have.  Popcorn Jester and Jester Juice were created with a thoughtfulness towards the best ingredients, highest quality and natural flavors.





About the Jester... 

What some happy customers say:  


Dick Kaplan — 5 star  

First place I look for at every fair, art or classic car show etc., etc., just ask for the "Usual...!"

Bigmeg Pandolfi — 5 star  Wonderful people! Thanks for the donation to 4k for Cancer! We dedicated today to Dennis! Keep doing what you're doing!




Chris Fasco — 5 star

Awesome group of people! Never had a bad experience! Hope to see them for many years to come! Strawberry lemonade is my personal fav.

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